Shift or days? A guide to getting your head around different working hours

‘Working 9-5, what a way to make a living’. I never thought we’d be quoting Dolly Parton in one of our blogs, but here we are.

Although some companies might offer a slightly different start and end to the  day, many of us still follow conventional working hours similar to those memorably sung my Dolly.

Yet like many aspects of modern working life, we are increasingly diverging from tradition.

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How do I become a senior facilities management coordinator?

Recently at Alex Young Recruitment, we have seen a lot of demand from clients for facilities management coordinator roles.

These type of roles can cover the whole spectrum  – from entry level administrative facilities management positions, to senior helpdesk coordinator and schedule allocator jobs. Continue reading “How do I become a senior facilities management coordinator?”

How do I become a maintenance supervisor?

You’ve been plying your trade as a maintenance electrician for nearly ten years. You feel tired of doing the same tasks every day.

In terms of facilities management you feel as if you have done all you can as an electrician or mechanical maintenance engineer.

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Facilities Show Excel London 2018

Recently we attended an important event that had been in the diary for a while. No, not England’s first game in the World Cup, but the Facilities Show at the Excel arena in London.

For those who might have missed it, the Facilities Show brought together service providers, suppliers and other asepcts of the Facilities Management industry, all under one roof for just three days. Continue reading “Facilities Show Excel London 2018”

Why you should use a recruitment agency

It seems a given that a recruitment agency should write a blog on why you should use a recruitment agency. However, having now recruited staff twice in the last year we have discovered what a painful process it can be!

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Is home working bad for you?

Working from home, or remote working, has taken on near-mythical status as a concept in recent years.

Workers are more productive, take less sick days and are more likely to stay with their employer over a longer period of time, studies suggest.

And this is a benefit that is becoming increasingly attractive to those entering the workplace for the first time.

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Is your recruitment agency abusing your relationship?

The impending GDPR legislation, is being viewed as the elephant in the room by some. No longer can a recruitment agency just store up ‘suitable CVs’, save them to a database, send them off to clients,hope for a result, and then repeat.

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How to prepare your facilities management CV

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a new facilities managememt role the first thing you need to do is make sure that your CV is in order.

Along with your cover letter, your facilities management CV is your first opportunity to catch the recruiters eye, and make yourself stand out.

However, if you have been with the same organisation for a long time it may have been a number of years since you last spruced up your resume.

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Our new graduate recruit, Ben Roff

A few weeks ago we announced the recruitment of a new member of the AYR team, graduate Benjamin Roff.

So to celebrate the launch of our new blog, we thought we’d get Ben’s fresh faced graduate thoughts on his first couple of weeks in the facilities management recruitment industry. Continue reading “Our new graduate recruit, Ben Roff”