5 reasons why you keep missing out on that dream job

When you see an advert for your dream job it’s easy to get carried away and imagine your glittering career with your new employer, even before you’ve applied for the role.

So it can be a crushing experience to find your application hasn’t been successful, particularly when you make it through to the interview stage. Continue reading “5 reasons why you keep missing out on that dream job”

How do I become a maintenance supervisor?

You’ve been plying your trade as a maintenance electrician for nearly ten years. You feel tired of doing the same tasks every day.

In terms of facilities management you feel as if you have done all you can as an electrician or mechanical maintenance engineer.

But how do you progress to the next level as a maintenance supervisor? Continue reading “How do I become a maintenance supervisor?”

Facilities Show Excel London 2018

Recently we attended an important event that had been in the diary for a while. No, not England’s first game in the World Cup, but the Facilities Show at the Excel arena in London.

For those who might have missed it, the Facilities Show brought together service providers, suppliers and other asepcts of the Facilities Management industry, all under one roof for just three days. Continue reading “Facilities Show Excel London 2018”

Why you should use a recruitment agency

It seems a given that a recruitment agency should write a blog on why you should use a recruitment agency. However, having now recruited staff twice in the last year we have discovered what a painful process it can be!

I’d heard that hiring for your own company wasn’t easy, but hey we’re a recruitment company right, how hard can it be, it’s what we do! Continue reading “Why you should use a recruitment agency”