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Why you should use a recruitment agency

It seems a given that a recruitment agency should write a blog on why you should use a recruitment agency. However, having now recruited staff twice in the last year we have discovered what a painful process it can be!

I’d heard that hiring for your own company wasn’t easy, but hey we’re a recruitment company right, how hard can it be, it’s what we do! Continue reading “Why you should use a recruitment agency”

Is home working bad for you?

Working from home, or remote working, has taken on near-mythical status as a concept in recent years.

Workers are more productive, take less sick days and are more likely to stay with their employer over a longer period of time, studies suggest.

And this is a benefit that is becoming increasingly attractive to those entering the workplace for the first time.

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LinkedIn or Linked-Out: How traditional recruitment practices hold up in the digital age?

We all know technology is constantly evolving and adapting. I am part of the generation that is at the crossover point of the digital age.

I remember not being able to use a landline and internet at the same time, but was only 11 when the first iPhone launched in 2007.

In the intervening decade smartphones and social media have revolutionised the way we communicate. Continue reading “LinkedIn or Linked-Out: How traditional recruitment practices hold up in the digital age?”

Is your recruitment agency abusing your relationship?

The impending GDPR legislation, is being viewed as the elephant in the room by some. No longer can a recruitment agency just store up ‘suitable CVs’, save them to a database, send them off to clients,hope for a result, and then repeat.

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Christmas bonus or Christmas party?

With Christmas just around the corner a number of us will be faced with a marathon amount of festivities – clients want to take you out for a seasonal thank you, there are the obligatory team drinks but what about that seasonal political hot potato of the grand Christmas Party?

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What’s the best way to resign from my job?

How you handle your resignation has a major impact on your career. In an ideal world, resigning from your job would be pleasant and straightforward. Your boss would be understanding and supportive of your needs and no bad feelings would arise.

Conforming to the correct etiquette can go a long way in ensuring confidence as your career develops; whereas approaching your resignation in the wrong way could be detrimental to your immediate future. After all, a good reference is not just valuable, but vital. Continue reading “What’s the best way to resign from my job?”

How to prepare your CV to land that perfect facilities management job

Searching for your next facilities management job can be a daunting prospect. Maybe you’ve risen through the ranks with your current employer over a number of years but are seeking a new challenge?

Perhaps a facilities management job opportunity has come up that you’d be a fool not to throw your hat in for? Continue reading “How to prepare your CV to land that perfect facilities management job”

Our new graduate recruit, Ben Roff

A few weeks ago we announced the recruitment of a new member of the AYR team, graduate Benjamin Roff.

So to celebrate the launch of our new blog, we thought we’d get Ben’s fresh faced graduate thoughts on his first couple of weeks in the facilities management recruitment industry. Continue reading “Our new graduate recruit, Ben Roff”