Minor Project Works

Alex Young Recruitment specialises in minor project works

Many of our clients contact us directly for labour instead of using sub-contractors. Why do they do this?

  • All our temps are paid on an hourly rate, so if budgets run out or are withdrawn, there are no late penalty fees that you might incur with sub-contractors.
  • You use the temp for as long as the project dictates, keeping you in control of your project spend.
  • Most sub-contractors will come to agencies to source their labour anyway; this means you incur extra costs as you are paying another agency margin on top of what you are paying the sub-contractor. By using direct labour from Alex Young Recruitment you will reduce your project budget.
  • Our temp workers will report directly to the manager/supervisor so you have total control over what you require the labour to do.
  • All our temps have passed stringent checks, and are fully vetted, so you won’t have any concerns over suitability or reliability.

Minor Works Projects we have supplied for

Our clients have used us for a variety of projects:

  • Night lamping using ipaf/Night painters. Our clients can get a lot more work done at night when the building is empty, which saves time and money as more work can be achieved during the twilight hours.
  • Employing a fabric tech or carpenter when work builds up.
  • Asset verification engineers who can come in when new contracts are won.
  • Supplying labourers in the event of office moves or refurbishments.

Many of our clients have been using Alex Young Recruitment for a number of years and we make every effort to use the same temporary worker. This means the worker becomes increasingly familiar with both the site and the client.

Again this results in time and cost savings in the long term.

If you have any minor project works coming up why not give Alex Young Recruitment a call to see how we can help you bring the project in on time and on budget.

Please call Matt Young on 020 3770 7068 or 07553 430826 or email him at matt@alexyoungrecruitment.com