Ben’s first year at Alex Young Recruitment

Picture of graduate recruit Ben Roff

It was a year ago today, that I started with Alex Young Recruitment, and how the time has flown by.

I had not long graduated with a degree in history from King’s College London and had previously had little idea of what to do next.

During the final year of university and the post-graduation period, like many in transition, I faced a constant barrage of “what are you going to?”, “what would you like to do?” and “when are you going to do it?”.

Whilst some people always had concrete plans for what they were going to do next, I never really did.

But from the first meeting with Matt and Claudio I knew that Alex Young Recruitment was somewhere that I wanted to work!

It was not only that it was a career sector I had started to show interest in. There was so much else involved that made me excited, such as the amazing location, the team-dynamic and the opportunity to really progress!

Fast paced industry

An aspect that stands out from my first year in recruitment, is the constant fast-paced nature of the work. I feel organisation and understanding the value of balancing your time appropriately is the key quality needed.

This all comes back to acknowledging there can be real consequences to others from what you do at work. This idea of outside pressure is perhaps the main difference from being at university to being in work.

Let’s take if you forget to put something into an essay at university. Whilst it might be annoying at the time, ultimately in the grand scheme of things it only affects you and your results.

You can use the next essay to redeem yourself.

Yet if you forget something at work or act unprofessionally, the consequences can extend far beyond yourself to other people within and outside of your workplace.

This could range from not finishing a task someone else was relying upon, losing a client by acting unprofessionally, or having a temporary worker not paid on time because you have forgotten them.

Things can escalate far beyond yourself. Fortunately though, none of these have happened to me so far!

Shaping my own future

One thing that made working for Alex Young Recruitment appeal to me, was the autonomy that was on offer.

It was the opportunity to shape things in a direction that suited me, in terms of my working attitude, skills and interests.

It was not like I was just stepping into someone else’s old position and was limited to their past work.

Sometimes I feel there is a general ambivalence towards recruitment, as an industry. No doubt there are some within the industry who submit to this stereotype, prioritising personal profit over pleasantness to work with and understanding of a candidate or client’s needs.

I feel how we at AYR operate, can help to dispel this underlying notion of mendacity that can be prevalent in attitudes towards our industry.

To me, there is nothing better in the role than having a placed candidate call you up, to say how much they are now enjoying their new position.

I would not be lying if I said sometimes, I wished there was a little bit less drama to tell friends and colleagues about, especially when it all happens on a Friday afternoon!

But without wanting to sound clichéd, the moments when you feel like you are impacting upon something much bigger than yourself, always make it feel so worthwhile.

Digital influence

One of the biggest stand-outs from working at Alex Young Recruitment includes being able to lead our policies on social media and steadily influencing a redevelopment of our website and the content it holds.

It is unlikely that if I worked for a larger company, I would be able to have such a large influence upon the direction of company in this respect.

Alex Young Recruitment

But it is that Matt and Claudio have bought into the value of it, and what can be gained from it, that has granted me this opportunity to do something else that I really enjoy.

So, whilst for others, the jokes about seemingly only wearing Fred Perry tops, making constant teas during the summer heatwave or going regularly to Greggs for lunch, might have gotten wearing, for me working at Alex Young Recruitment represents an opportunity to work in something I probably never envisaged myself doing when I started my degree, but hugely enjoy.

It’s a lot different from writing essays about the Vikings or 1960s Britain, yet being at a company where I have the chance to enjoy where I work, feel valued for what I do and can help a company really grow, is fantastic!

I would say to anyone who might have been like I was this time last year, if you get the opportunity to join a company like Alex Young Recruitment, where you can have fun, do well and progress, you have to go for it, whatever industry it is in!

If you would like to find out what roles we currently have available, take a look at our facilities management jobs page.