How do I become a senior facilities management coordinator?

Facilities Management Coordinator

Recently at Alex Young Recruitment, we have seen a lot of demand from clients for facilities management coordinator roles.

These type of roles can cover the whole spectrum  – from entry level administrative facilities management positions, to senior helpdesk coordinator and schedule allocator jobs.

So if you have administrative  experience, or are looking for a career change why not apply for a facilities management coordinator position?

Below we discuss the skills required and what you can do to to increase your chances of landing an admin role in facilities management:

Show your facilities management coordinator skills from the outset

Unsurprisingly, administrative positions rely heavily upon your ability to create documents, reports and other written pieces.

Therefore your CV is a prime opportunity to showcase your admin skills.

If your CV is difficult to read, or (god forbid!) riddled with mistakes, you’re unlikely to be shortlisted.

Take your time to make sure it reads well and your relevant experience is made clear. For further advice, read our blog on how to tailor your CV to each application.

Highlight your facilities management experience

‘Administrator’ and ‘coordinator’ are consistently the most advertised job titles on UK job boards.

These roles consistently attract a higher volume of applicants than any other facilities management jobs we recruit for.

You need to catch the reader’s attention straightaway to ensure that you stand out from the competition.

The best way to do this is to emphasise your experience within the facilities management industry.

Key things here may include:

  • the number of engineers you organised in past facilities management jobs
  • the types of contracts you worked on
  • the types of operation systems you have used.

Clients and hiring managers will be seeking candidates with direct experience of the industry – particularly with the more senior administrative roles.

So, leave nothing to chance.

Do your research

A good understanding of the industry will always impress an interviewer.

Make sure you’re up to date on the latest trends and changes in facilities management.

This might include recently awarded contracts with the supplier you are meeting with, or knowledge of where and why other companies might be undergoing cutbacks.

As a coordinator or administrator you are going to be in the thick of things, so a well rounded knowledge of the facilities management sector is vital.

Facilities Management coordinator
Know what type of administrative role you are after

As we said earlier, administrative jobs are hugely common, but the specifics can be very different.

Take your time to study different types of facilities management coordinator jobs when looking for the next step up.

The role of a senior helpdesk administrator can vary hugely from a contract support or a service allocator, but they could all have been advertised as just an administrator or coordinator.

Be clear on what your long-term motivations are and what roles will help you progress your  career.

If you are currently looking for a new role in facilities management, please take a look at our facilities management jobs page or get in touch via our contact details at the top of the page.