Why you should use a recruitment agency

It seems a given that a recruitment agency should write a blog on why you should use a recruitment agency. However, having now recruited staff twice in the last year we have discovered what a painful process it can be!

I’d heard that hiring for your own company wasn’t easy, but hey we’re a recruitment company right, how hard can it be, it’s what we do! Continue reading “Why you should use a recruitment agency”

What’s the best way to resign from my job?

How you handle your resignation has a major impact on your career. In an ideal world, resigning from your job would be pleasant and straightforward. Your boss would be understanding and supportive of your needs and no bad feelings would arise.

Conforming to the correct etiquette can go a long way in ensuring confidence as your career develops; whereas approaching your resignation in the wrong way could be detrimental to your immediate future. After all, a good reference is not just valuable, but vital. Continue reading “What’s the best way to resign from my job?”