5 reasons why you keep missing out on that dream job

Sad robot after missing out on dream job

When you see an advert for your dream job it’s easy to get carried away and imagine your glittering career with your new employer, even before you’ve applied for the role.

So it can be a crushing experience to find your application hasn’t been successful, particularly when you make it through to the interview stage.

At best, you receive the dreaded email or phone call giving the bad news, usually along the lines of ‘sorry, but on this occasion, you were not successful’.

At worst, you send off your application, never to hear anything again.

Receiving  continuous knock backs can be a thoroughly soul destroying experience, regardless of what stage you are in  your career.

Below we discuss five reasons why you keep missing out on your dream job and what you can do about it.

You haven’t spent enough time working on your CV

If you are applying to countless jobs that you are suitable for, but are not being invited to interview, generally this can be down to one thing – your CV.

It might be that your CV is poorly laid out, full of irrelevant details or riddled with spelling mistakes. For whatever reason, it is not up to the necessary standard.

Take your time to assess what you are going to include, and then once you think it is finished, read it through to ensure there are no errors that could cost you.

Asking a friend or family member for a second opinion can always help, especially if you’re not sure about something.

Also, it is worth tailoring your CV to specific applications.

If you have wide ranging experience it is always worth having different versions of your CV.

That way  you can highlight the most relevant experience for the role you are going for, maximising your chances of getting an interview.

To ensure your CV is up to scratch,  read our blog on the most common CV mistakes and how to avoid them.

You don’t yet have the right experience for your dream job… yet

No matter how much a position ‘wows’ you on paper, you need to be realistic. Can you actually do the job?

While it may be your dream job, do you actually have the relevant skills to carry out the role?

It might sound obvious but if the role requires specific qualifications or experience levels, it’s for a very good reason.

If a maintenance supervisor role requires onsite leadership experience, you will need to demonstrate you have managed a team.

If you keep missing out on your dream job because you don’t have the right experience, make it your mission to gain the relevant skills.

Take on extra training and experience, speak to colleagues already in the role to find out how they made progressed up the career ladder.  That way you are less likely to  miss out the next time your dream job comes up.

You haven’t researched the company

When one of our candidates does well in an interview, we are often told it’s because they had a strong understanding about the organisation.

It is a given that every interview will always include a question on ‘what do you know about the company?’ or ‘why do you want to work for us?’.

Yet many candidates still fail to research a company or client.

Always take the time to find out what makes the company stand out from their competition, as well as the latest positive news affecting the company.

An hour spent looking at the organisation’s website takes no effort at all and could make the difference between you landing your dream job or not.

Your body language lets you down in the interview

Everybody gets nervous. As the old adage goes, if you don’t feel nervous that is perhaps a bigger worry, and suggests you are not actually that bothered about things.

Yet try to use techniques to show your excitement and interest for the role.

Being upbeat and personable will always help.

Remember that if you are successful, the interviewer is going to be a future colleague of yours and coming across well or as someone that they could get along with at work, can go a long way.

If the interviewer has the choice between a confident and positive candidate, or downbeat and dour candidate, you can guess which way they might go.

For some more guidance on this, read some excellent insight from Liz Kentish in one of our earlier blogs.

Woman upset after missing out on dream jobYou haven’t prepared for uncomfortable questions

Interviews can be uncomfortable at the best of times. But there will be moments when you feel particularly awkward.

The interviewer might start to focus on why you left a previous job or why you had a sustained period out of work.

Ultimately the best way to face this is just to be honest and have an answer prepared.

If  you have had a break in the past (whether that’s due to a personal issue, recovering from illness or any other reason), and the prospective employer holds this against you, it suggests it is not a great place to work and you might have had a lucky escape.

Trying to dodge the question or making up an elaborate cover story, is likely to do more damage, than just being truthful with the interviewer.

What to do when you don’t get your dream job

There really are a number of reasons why you could miss out on your dream job.

Sometimes it really is out of your hands.

It might be that an interviewer has already seen a candidate they think is perfect for the role, and therefore have lost the enthusiasm or drive with later candidates.

Similarly, you may have applied for the job just too late, and they have stopped accepting applicants.

Don’t take it to heart. At times the most important aspect of getting your dream job involves timing.

If there are specific companies you want to work, make sure you regularly visit their jobs page or get on their mailing list.

That way, then when the perfect role emerges, you will be the first to know.

This way you have time to plan your application properly and submit it on time.

Speak to recruitment agencies and be specific about the type of job you are looking for.

A reputable facilities management recruitment agency will be able to advise you on how regularly these positions arise and clients they have work with that offer those roles.

To see if we have your dream job, check out our facilities management jobs page and please get in touch if you would like any guidance on your job hunt.